Hi, everyone!

I am a Software Developer with 8 years of experience. I create successful solutions that are fast and easy to use, built with the best practices.


Hello, my name is Jesús Ríos, a Software Developer who is really passionate about programming and considers himself a fast learner, always looking to learn more, challenge himself and never settle down.

8 years ago I started my career in a couple of software development companies with a lot of activities related to both programming and database administration, being able to work for different kind of bussiness clients around the region like: insurance, loans, investments, medical clinics, notary public offices, logistics, among others.

After a few years an opportunity to work for one of the biggest aerospace companies in the world was presented to me, working full-time with native mobile development while improving my english skills.

Learning new technologies and put them into practice creating different projects is really important for me, you can find these projects on my github account.

Please, go ahead and take a look at my resume:



Trending Movies

Android, Java, SQLite

One of the first projects I created to learn Android with Java, it is basically a list of trending movies fetched from a themoviedb.org API, on it you can search for the movie you want, watch some details about it, rate it and share it with your friends, rates are saved with SQLite Plan your day and keep in control of your daily activities, set a time for them and mark them as check once they are completed.


Favorite Movies

iOS, Swift

One of the first iOS projects I created following a course from PluralSight. The application let's you create a list of your favorite movies by searching them with an API by OMDb and adding it to your list.



HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Sass, NPM Scripts

The site you are watching right now, the first webpage I created after so many years working with web applications only, I hope you guys like it, I'm constantly updating it and adding new projects to my portfolio.



HTML, CSS, JavaScript

A repo to add some of the games that I have developed to do some practice. This games will be at jesusriosdev.com/games/ Feel free to go and play some of them!


More projects coming soon..


I'm still adding projects from my github account.



You can send a message to my emails:



or, you can find me here: